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Culture in Réunion

Réunionnais culture is a blend (métissage) of European, African, Indian, Chinese and insular traditions.

A local literature that has existed for the last 20 years celebrates the culture of Reunion. Most writers who use the Creole language emphasize a global identity (that of being Réunionnais and neglect the cultural heterogeneity of the population.

In the 1970s a local university was created, and French scholars received funding to conduct research on the island. Numerous studies, focused primarily on the Creole language and culture, have since been published. Undertaken by researchers or students from mainland France or natives of the island, they mostly see the society as an integrated unit or a place of culturally distinct subcultures.

As for music, séga is a popular style that mixes African and European music. Maloya, on the other hand, has a strong African element reflected in the use of slave chants and work songs. The most popular séga musicians include Baster, Ousanousava and Ziskakan. The most popular maloya musicians are Danyel Waro and Firmin Viry. Other popular singers include Maxime Laope, Léon Céleste, Henri Madoré and Mapou, named after a kind of perfumed sugarcane candy. Musicians from nearby Mauritius are also popular.

In Réunion there is a very strong jazz community and rock culture is also becoming strong on the island. Rap, reggae, zouk, ragga and dancehall are also popular.

One of the biggest music festivals in Réunion is the Sakifo music festival.





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