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Food & Dining in Reunion

Cuisine in Réunion is a mix between different cultures: French, Indian, Chinese & African. Typical dishes are cari and rougail which are a meat or a fish cooked in a sauce and eaten with rice.

Depending on the season, many tropical fruits are available, like lychees (December), mangos, pineapples, bananas and papayas.

The main local drink is rum. The lowest quality rum is made from fermented cane sugar molasses and is not aged; hence its colour is clear. It is often drunk as rhum arrangé – rum flavoured by fruit and spices. Rhum arrangé, being fruity and sugary, is easy to drink but beware of the high alcohol content. Higher quality rum is rhum agricole, made from fermented cane sugar juice. It is either clear, or aged in oak barrels, giving it a brown colour.

St-Denis has the best restaurant scene on the island. In the capital city, restaurants run the gamut, from traditional Creole food to Indo-Muslim cuisine to Chinese specialities. A variety of excellent restaurants, some run by hotels, offer good French cuisine and Creole specialities. There are several first-class restaurants in Saint-Denis. Seaside restaurants in particular serve authentic local cuisine.

Don’t forget to try the cari, unique to the Indian Ocean islands, and made with meat, poultry, fish or seafood and containing garlic, onion, lots of tomatoes, turmeric, clove and ginger.





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